Adolescent obese males at risk of cancer later in life: Study

April 24, 2017

Lead scientist Professor David Batty, Wellcome Trust fellow at UCL, added, ???Investigating the influence, if any, of obesity in late adolescence and early adulthood on future cancer risk requires studies that have the capacity to track individuals over many decades until they develop cancer. Because such studies are so rare, our results make an important contribution to the field.???

Jessica Harris, Cancer Research UK's senior health information officer, said, ???Decades of research have shown that being overweight leads to a higher risk of several types of cancer. This new study has some limitations, like not being able to account for other things that affect cancer risk, but it did show that overweight people are more likely to die from certain cancers. Scientists estimate that in the UK, the current number of people who are overweight and obese could lead to around 19,000 cases of cancer a year, so keeping a healthy weight is a great way to reduce the risk.???