Celldex Therapeutics initiates CDX-1127 Phase 1 study in malignant solid tumors

November 05, 2017

Paper author, Professor Jeff Settleman, from Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Centre and Harvard Medical School, said: "These findings reveal that the protein NRG1 can act as a 'biological flag' and identify another patient group who may benefit from HER2-targeted kinase inhibitors.

"It's particularly exciting because it may mean that some head and neck cancers can be effectively treated with currently available drugs, such as the breast cancer drug, lapatinib."

Dr Jane Cope, director of the NCRI, said: "This research shows how more detailed analyses of tumour samples could help doctors predict who will benefit most from a particular treatment. It also suggests that using existing drugs in new ways could bring benefit to a wider group of cancer patients."

Source: Cancer Research UK