FDA asks Guided Therapeutics to provide additional information on LuViva PMA

May 24, 2017

More than a half century after he pioneered endoscopy techniques and technologies, Berci continues his pathbreaking work in the field, which most recently has included creating and using an enhanced endoscopic method to intubate patients with particularly difficult airways.

Berci joined the department of surgery in 1970 by the invitation of former chief of surgery Leon Morgenstern, MD, and with his help established the medical center's first multidisciplinary endoscopic surgical division. During his tenure at Cedars-Sinai, Berci has held numerous leadership positions, including director of the Surgical Simulation and Training Laboratory and director of the Endoscopic Research laboratory.

Berci's work has led to the introduction of diagnostic and therapeutic use of laparoscopes for ob-gyn specialists and development of the techniques that have enabled surgeons to remove colon polyps without open surgery.Besides all the developments Berci created, conceptualized or collaborated on, he has written 12 books and more than 200 scientific papers and produced more than 40 teaching films.

Since 1994, the American College of Surgeons' Jacobson Innovation Award has been presented to surgeons who have combined original thought with the creation of techniques that have led to a milestone in the advancement of surgical care.

Source: American College of Surgeons