GOP trying to turn Medicare, health reform law into political gain

July 20, 2017

Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Ninety-year-old Republican matriarch Barbara Vucanovich used one word to describe the television attack ads of 2nd Congressional District candidates Mark Amodei and Kate Marshall. 'Disgraceful,' she said following a debate in Reno ... The biggest worry for 2nd Congressional District voters is that their Social Security and Medicare will be reduced just as they enter what should be their golden years. Several national and state polls since May have found more than 70 percent of respondents say they rely or will rely on Medicare and Social Security and they oppose any cuts now or in the future" (Vogel, 8/28).

The New York Times: "Eager to avoid another round of budget brinksmanship, Congressional leaders hope that a little-noted spending agreement tucked into the debt limit deal reached this month can head off any threat of a government shutdown as the federal fiscal year draws to a close in September. ... Efforts to add contentious policy provisions to the spending measures are also expected to set off partisan disputes. House Republicans have shown a determination to try to use the spending measures to block implementation of the new health care law" (Hulse, 8/27).

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