IRCM geneticists discover an unsuspected organization of pituitary cells

June 13, 2017

Only 32 percent of respondents knew the nicotine patch, gum and lozenge do not cause cancer.Fully 70 percent of respondents were not sure or incorrectly thought NRT therapies are designed to make quitters feel sick if they slip in their quitting plan.Almost 70 percent of respondents did not know smoking cessation products containing nicotine are not as harmful as cigarettes.More than three-fourths of respondents incorrectly responded that smokers who use NRT are just as likely to fail as people who quit without assistance.Only about half of respondents knew NRT can double a smoker's chance of quitting versus placebo.More than 79 percent of respondents did not know smoking cessation therapies can help smokers quit long-term, as opposed to short-term.

"These findings represent a tremendous public health opportunity," said Jane Allen a researcher on the study and senior research associate at Legacy. "If we can better communicate with smokers about the safety of NRT, we may be able to increase NRT use and ??“ as a result ??“ increase successful, long-term quitting."

Many smokers need help to quit successfully. NRT products, such as Nicorette?® gum and lozenge and NicoDerm?®CQ?® patch, are recommended as first-line treatments for smoking addiction in the U.S. and can reliably increase long-term smoking abstinence rates and double a smoker's chances of quitting over using nothing to aid in their quit attempt.  These FDA-approved medications are proven safe and effective to help smokers quit.

SOURCE GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare