MD Anderson initiates orders of Cesium-131 to help control intermediate risk prostate cancer

September 03, 2017

IsoRay CEO Dwight Babcock says he believes this study will add to the growing recognition of Cesium-131's significant role as a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer. "Cesium-131 is already proving its essential value in fighting prostate cancers. My expectation is that this research study will be significant in identifying Cesium-131's improved cancer control for intermediate risk prostate cancer. I feel strongly that it will demonstrate Cesium-131's superiority over other isotopes and its ability to provide a faster return to urinary function baseline and normal daily activities." Babcock says that Cesium-131's full potential is just beginning to be realized as thought leaders seek solutions for treating cancers in other body sites. He pointed to its growing adoption in treating cancers throughout the body including recent exciting applications in treating Glioblastomas and metastasized brain cancer as well as lung cancers.

Source: IsoRay