NanoString introduces new assay for leukemia fusion gene analysis

June 18, 2017

"The Leukemia Fusion Gene Panel is the latest example of how the nCounter platform is aiding researchers in the investigation of genes linked to cancer," said Barney Saunders, Ph.D., Chief Commercial Officer of NanoString Technologies. "The assay measures 25 fusion gene transcripts and the expression levels of 23 leukemia-associated mRNAs to provide an extensive molecular profile of each sample."

The nCounter Analysis System is a fully automated digital detection and counting system with a very simple workflow. The assay kits contain all of the reagents and consumables required to conduct an experiment. Minimal sample input requirements and compatibility with a variety of sample types, extends the utility of the platform. In addition to gene expression assays, NanoString provides assays for copy number variation and miRNA analysis. The nCounter Analysis System and Leukemia Fusion Gene Panel are currently available for Research Use Only.

Source: NanoString Technologies, Inc.