One in four British women at risk of cancer

June 20, 2017

Ciar??n Devane, chief executive of Macmillan Cancer Support, said the WCRF figures were ???very worrying???. He added, ???Leading a healthy, active lifestyle and eating a diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and foods that are whole grain and also limiting alcohol intake may reduce the risk of getting cancer and cancer recurrence. However, it's important to remember that cancer can also be caused by many other factors such as age, lifestyle habits and genetic makeup. The number of people who will get cancer is now well past one in three, and there are many more people with cancer today than there were 10 years ago. By making small adjustments to their diet and lifestyles both British men and women can go a long way to helping us tackle this ever growing issue.???

A Scottish Government spokesman said, ???Scotland has made good progress in cancer treatment over the last two decades, with cancer being diagnosed and treated earlier and new targets on cancer waiting times being met ahead of schedule. But more needs to be done, which is why we are launching an important new initiative, the Detect Cancer Early Implementation Plan. The Scottish Government recognizes the increased cancer risks associated with obesity and alcohol abuse. That's why our obesity action plan, launched in March, focuses on early prevention, while we're committed to tackling Scotland's damaging relationship with alcohol.???