Ono, Bristol-Myers Squibb partner to develop BMS-936558/ONO-4538 and ORENCIA

August 10, 2017

"Bristol-Myers Squibb is pleased to enter into this important collaboration with Ono Pharmaceutical that further enhances our position as a leader in immuno-oncology," said Lamberto Andreotti, chief executive officer, Bristol-Myers Squibb. "Obtaining expanded rights to this anti-PD-1 antibody through our String of Pearls strategy will enable broader global development of this promising cancer immunotherapy as we continue to build our pipeline and understanding in this exciting area."

"In addition we are very pleased to be able to continue the important work of bringing ORENCIA to patients in Japan with Ono, a highly-respected Japanese company. We believe that our collective resources will benefit the rheumatoid arthritis patients we serve."

"We are delighted to further strengthen the relationship already established between Ono and Bristol-Myers Squibb. BMS-936558/ONO-4538 represents a promising investigational agent in the emerging field of immuno-oncology. Together with Bristol-Myers Squibb we will be better able to quickly bring this potential new medicine to patients in need worldwide," said Gyo Sagara, president, representative director and CEO of Ono Pharmaceutical.

"ORENCIA has an innovative mechanism of action to suppress the inflammation pathway in rheumatoid arthritis. We are also very delighted to collaborate with Bristol-Myers Squibb on such an important product. Adding ORENCIA will expand our product portfolio in orthopedics, one of our strategic therapeutic areas."

Source: Bristol-Myers Squibb Company