Personal health data in Google Health profile can easily be transferred to Microsoft HealthVault account

May 28, 2017

Microsoft also is focused on enabling hospitals to connect to HealthVault as they seek to create closer, more efficient and interactive relationships with patients through the exchange of information. Health systems are using Microsoft Amalga, an enterprise health intelligence platform, to bring patient data together from disparate IT systems to streamline operations and coordinate care. These organizations then are connecting Amalga to HealthVault to allow the patient to receive, store and share his or her personal health information as desired.

A Google Health account holder who wants to transfer his or her personal health information to HealthVault can start by selecting the "Send profile to another service" option on the Download menu in Google Health. Google Health will then send his or her Google Health profile directly to HealthVault as an encrypted message using the Direct Project messaging protocols. Users will receive confirmation in Google Health that their profile was sent, and then an email explaining how to create a HealthVault account and complete the data transfer. Complete instructions for using this method, as well as an alternative manual method, can be found here.

Third-party organizations that have developed Google Health applications also are invited to migrate their solutions to the HealthVault platform. Documentation, reference materials and a Software Development Kitare available at the HealthVault Developer Center on the Microsoft Developer Network,, and the business development team at hvbdmicrosoft is available to answer developers' questions.

SOURCE Microsoft Corp.