Receptor tyrosine kinases control PI3K signaling in human KRAS mutant colorectal cancers

September 04, 2017

The Washington Post: Abortion-Funding Battle To Heat Up Again This WeekAfter months of focusing on economic rather than social issues, the House this week is poised to take up a measure that will bring the abortion-rights debate back to the floor for the first time since May. On Friday, the House will consider H.R. 358, the "Protect Life Act." The measure, introduced by Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.), would prohibit federal funds from going toward any health care plan that covers abortion services; it also would block funding from being withheld from institutions that are opposed to providing abortions (Sonmez, 10/10).

The New York Times: An Innovator Shapes An EmpireThe university is widely regarded among scientists as one of the nation's crown jewels of biomedical research, and a birthplace of biotechnology and innovation. But the public knows it less well, and Dr. Desmond-Hellmann wants to make U.C.S.F. as famous as the Mayo Clinic. The school is undergoing an enormous expansion in a difficult economy, and as a physician and scientist, she hopes to raise it to an even higher plane. As a businesswoman, she is determined to make sure it has enough money to get there (Grady, 10/10).

The Washington Post: Do Programs That Pay People To Lose Weight Really Work? Such experiments live at the nexus of cost-benefit analysis, behavioral psychology and the obesity crisis. The best programs are carefully calculated to exploit human nature: our love of a windfall, the risk of losing a small but significant financial stake, the camaraderie of a team effort, the heat of competition. All in the hope it may push us to do something difficult and unpleasant: shed pounds (Bernstein, 10/10).

Los Angeles Times: Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bills Expanding Drug User Access To SyringesGov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed two bills that will expand access to sterile syringes for drug users in an effort to combat the spread of hepatitis C and HIV. The first bill, Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco), allows people to buy syringes at pharmacies without a prescription. California was one of the few states where this was illegal, other than in a few pilot program areas (Marcum, 10/11).

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