SEEK HIV-v vaccine demonstrates 90% reduction in HIV viral load

May 25, 2017

'The treatment often offered today is fluid replacement, an oral saline and sugar solution which is troublesome with frequent vomiting. Since intense vomiting makes it difficult to retain fluid, this often leads to the patient having to be treated with a drip. Through restricting vomiting with this medicine, many lives in developing countries could be saved,' says Lennart Svensson, Professor of Molecular Virology at LiU.

Comprehensive clinical testing is now being planned in Brazil on children infected with rotavirus or norovirus. The hope is that it will start up this fall. If the results are positive, the medicine may come into clinical use in the near future, since it is already approved and established. Beside the clinical study, the research group has established an animal model that is entirely new to Europe for studying illness mechanisms.

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