Threshold commences combination Phase 1/2 trial of TH-302 and sunitinib for RCC, GIST and PNET

May 08, 2017

Professor Amanda Ramirez, who leads the programme of research at King's College London to promote early presentation of cancer said: "If the pilot is successful and the scheme is rolled out across the Breast Screening Programme then we can look at whether the gains in breast cancer awareness lead to a reduction in the number of advanced breast cancer cases - and deaths - in older women no longer being routinely screened for the disease. With this approach we have the potential to avoid about 500 breast cancer deaths per year."

Sara Hiom, director of health information, said: "A woman's risk of breast cancer increases with age - over 80 per cent of cases occur in women over 50. So it's vital for older women to be aware of breast cancer symptoms so they don't delay seeing their doctor.

"These symptoms include anything that is unusual for your breasts such as a lump, changes to the nipple like a rash or discharge, or dimpling of the skin.

"The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the greater the treatment options available - and the better the chance of survival from the disease."

Source: Cancer Research UK