Viewpoints: Paul Starr on Obama, Romney and health reform; Glenn close on the need for mental health services

November 20, 2017

Politico: Mental Health Cuts Cost AllWe are committed to combating a serious public health problem ?? mental illness ?? and reducing the stigma that surrounds it. ... Our family has first-hand experience with this. Jessie has struggled with undiagnosed bipolar disorder since she was a teenager, and her son, Calen, lives with schizoaffective disorder. ... Our leaders should know that further cuts in mental health care services don't just affect those suffering from mental illness -; they affect us all (Glenn Close and Jessie Close, 11/16).

The Washington Post: Insurance Loophole On Cancer Treatments Sticks Patients With Extreme Cost [M]any new cancer drugs are supposed to be taken orally or are available only in pill form. In some cases, the same drug is covered by insurance if taken via injection and not covered if it's taken orally. The difference in out-of-pocket cost to the patient can run in the thousands of dollars a month (Robert McCartney, 11/6). 

The Baltimore Sun: A Better Way To Provide Health Care, Threatened By Budget CutsIn Maryland's own Evergreen Project, a prototype of the nationally known health care CO-OP model, we find an innovative solution that will draw medical school graduates to primary care, improve the health of communities and ultimately lower costs (Rachita Sood and Marce Abare, 11/16).

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