American Brain Tumor Association awards $100,000 clinical research grant

August 05, 2017

"Complex research projects, even exceptionally high impact ones, are tough to get funded without the necessary resources to assemble teams and collect preliminary data. The TR01 awards provide a way for these high impact projects to be pursued," said NIH Director Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. J. Joseph Kim, Inovio's CEO, said: "We are honored that the NIH Director's Office has chosen to support Inovio's SynCon DNA vaccine technology. It is imperative that the world achieve much broader protection against the constantly changing influenza virus. Our SynCon technology has already shown it can generate significant immune responses in humans, as recently reported with our therapeutic HPV DNA vaccine. Furthermore, our SynCon influenza vaccine candidates have demonstrated in animals the ability to generate broad protective immune responses against multiple unmatched strains. We look forward to advancing this research with the goal of achieving a universal influenza vaccine."

SOURCE Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.