Genentech announces Phase II RG7204 clinical study results for metastatic melanoma tumors

November 03, 2017

"We are very encouraged by these data and based on the Phase II findings we are working to open an expanded access program. This would make RG7204 available to people with BRAF-mutation positive advanced melanoma who have had at least one prior medicine," explained Hal Barron, M.D., Head of Global Product Development and chief medical officer. "People with advanced melanoma urgently need more options for treatment and we will continue to work with global health authorities to gather the necessary data to bring this medicine to people with this type of cancer."

RG7204 exemplifies Genentech's personalized healthcare approach using biomarkers and diagnostic tools to identify the right medicine for the right patient. RG7204 is being co-developed with a diagnostic test from Roche Molecular Diagnostics to identify patients whose tumors carry the mutated BRAF gene and are therefore most appropriate for treatment.

Source: Genentech, Inc.