NWBT receives $490,000 in two grants under QTDP program

November 01, 2017

NWBT has pioneered a unique batch manufacturing process (making several years of treatments in a single batch) which is revolutionizing the economics of personalized products, such as DCVax?, and enabling them to be produced in the US and priced below the level of most recent cancer drugs.  NWBT has also designed and developed novel automation of key manufacturing processes for these personalized products, which greatly increases production efficiencies and quantities, while significantly reducing both direct and indirect costs.   As such, NWBT's batch manufacturing and automation technologies are a strong fit for the program goals relating to US jobs, manufacturing and competitiveness in the Therapeutics Discovery Grants Program.

The Therapeutic Discovery Project grant applications were first reviewed by the US Treasury Department, and then were independently reviewed and evaluated by the Department of Health and Human Services in regard to their novelty, significance and fit with the grant program's goals.

SOURCE Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.