Ontario Breast Screening Program encourages women to get mammograms

August 06, 2017

"The OBSP technologists and staff are amazing people," adds Margot. "They're really aware of how nervous women can be, and they're very comforting. They treat you with so much dignity."

One of the best things about the program, Margot says, is that you can call directly to make an appointment: "You don't need to go through your doctor, or even have a doctor. And once you're in the program, they remind you about your next appointment.

"All women need to be aware of how their breasts look and feel and to report any changes to their health care provider," says Dr. Verna Mai, Provincial Lead, Prevention and Screening, at Cancer Care Ontario. "By becoming OBSP clients, Ontario women can take an important step in becoming breast aware and taking care of their health."

"Mammography is not a perfect test. For example, it doesn't find every cancer. And sometimes it finds cancers that can't be cured. "But mammography is still the best way we have to find breast cancer early, when it can be treated most effectively," says Dr. Mai.

Margot wants as many Ontario women as possible to become OBSP clients. "Don't wait until you think something is wrong to get a mammogram," she says. "Make an appointment now." To make an appointment at the OBSP site nearest you, call 1-800-668-9304 or visit wwwncercare.on/obsplocations.