Heart pain

The unpleasant sensations that have arisen in the chest may indicate the development of diseases of the heart, back, and nervous system. Discomfort manifests itself in the form of burning and tingling. Sometimes the patient is worried about pulling and acute pain all day, or only at certain moments. Focusing on how the heart hurts, and from which side it happens, you can recognize the pathological process. However, the doctor is obliged to make an accurate diagnosis, so if the first symptoms occur, you should immediately go to the hospital or call an ambulance.

If the heart is sick, then it is necessary to contact a cardiologist. He will conduct a survey to find out what symptoms are bothering, and what they tried to stop them with. After collecting the necessary information, the doctor will send the patient for a full examination. It is not recommended to refuse it because of unwillingness to pay money, since it will not be possible to find out the diagnosis in any other way. Focusing on the results obtained, the specialist will be able to understand what caused the pain in the heart of a person.

Often, heart pain occurs due to such pathological processes:

  • heart attack; Chest pain during a heart attack

  • inflammatory diseases;

  • problems with heart valves;

  • pathological processes not related to the heart muscle.

It is equally important to know what kind of pain there are in the chest area. Such information will help to reduce the search circle and make a diagnosis faster. This list will help you figure out what they are:

  • cutting;

  • pulling;

  • squeezing;

  • stabbing;

  • burning.

Whether the heart can ache constantly, or the discomfort will manifest itself paroxysmally depends on the cause of the pathology. In some cases, unpleasant sensations do not leave the whole day, and sometimes they manifest themselves only under stress, but have an acute character. The totality of the information received will help the doctor to draw up a treatment regimen and answer exactly how long a person will still have severe chest pain.

First aid for heart pain

Medications for heart pain are prescribed by the attending physician based on the diagnosis. It is forbidden to try to pick up medicines on your own, as you can aggravate your condition. But what if the attack catches suddenly? In such a situation, the following instructions will help to understand how to get rid of heart pain:

  • First you need to stop running around in search of medicines. Instead, you need to calm down and sit down.

  • The room should be well ventilated.

  • Breathing should not be restricted by clothing, so it is better to unbutton the upper buttons.

  • If possible, you need to lie down. If the pain recedes, then it is quite possible that the problem is not in the heart muscle at all. With increased discomfort and a feeling of squeezing, we can talk about an imminent attack.

  • To improve the condition, it is necessary to put remedies for heart pain under the tongue - for example, a Nitroglycerin tablet, and then call an ambulance.In case of acute pain in the heart area, call a doctor

After the arrival of the medical team, it is necessary to list the tormenting symptoms to the doctors and tell them what actions have been done since the onset of the attack. All this will help to normalize the condition as soon as possible, since you can relieve heart pain only by knowing the whole picture.

Pain in the chest has a different nature of manifestations. According to them, you can roughly understand what torments a person. However, only the attending physician can make an accurate diagnosis, focusing on the symptoms that have arisen and the results of examinations. Independently look for what to take with heart pain is life-threatening - there are many diseases that only disguise themselves as pain in the chest area.