Burden of stroke over next 40 years to skyrocket: Studies

May 11, 2017

The researchers at U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta analyzed hospital data by age and gender and found declining stroke rates of 25 percent in men and 29 percent in women age 45 and older.

According to Xin Tong, a health statistician with the CDC??s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, the number of ischemic strokes related hospitalizations increased 51 percent in males ages 15-34 and increased 17 percent in females. The study also showed that here was a 31 percent increased stroke rate in boys ages 5-14 and a 36 percent increase among girls. But in those ages 36-44, there was 47 percent increase in stroke among men and an increase of 36 percent among women.

Tong said, ???Acute ischemic stroke is currently considered something that mostly happens to older people, but awareness of rising rates in the young is important or else important stroke treatment may be unnecessarily delayed in younger patients??We cannot link anything in particular to the trend in younger patients, but I believe the role of obesity and hypertension will prompt a big discussion. Unfortunately, right now we can??t speculate on the causes.???