Cholesterol woes across Australia

May 12, 2017

Professor Simon Stewart, one of the authors expressed his concern saying, ???This is concerning given the link between cholesterol and heart disease, the leading cause of death in this country.??? He noted that levels differed between states and that may indicate socio-economic differences, or differences in healthcare management. ???Observed differences indicate that patients in these high cholesterol states are at higher risk of preventable strokes and hearth attacks,??? he said.

Hobart GP and Baker IDI Professorial Fellow Peter Sexton said the results of the large study were ???extremely alarming???. ???In Tasmania we??re already worse off, we have a bit over 22 per cent of all deaths caused by cardiovascular disease as opposed to 16.4 per cent everywhere else. About 400 more Tasmanians are dying every year of cardiovascular disease than the national average?? It shows us that there are still very high levels of cholesterol in the Tasmanian community and people aren??t recognizing that, or if it is recognized it??s not being adequately treated.,??? Dr Sexton said.

As an overall recommendation, authors advise Australian adults to adopt a healthy lifestyle, know their cholesterol levels, remember to take prescribed medicine regularly and to develop a long term plan to treat and monitor cholesterol levels.