Compugen signs oncology research collaboration agreement with Seattle Genetics

October 20, 2017

Martin Gerstel, Compugen's chairman, added, "As described in the quarterly release, our business model provides three potential pathways for development and commercialization of our product candidate discoveries. Collaborations can be entered into before our prediction and selection of candidates is undertaken pursuant to 'discovery on demand' agreements, or with respect to existing Compugen product candidates, collaborations can be initiated prior to or at the proof of concept stage, or after additional preclinical activities have been undertaken by us. In all cases these agreements provide Compugen with potential milestone payments and royalties on product sales or other revenue sharing arrangements. The decision as to which pathway we choose in each specific case will depend on many factors, such as proprietary knowledge or technology of a potential partner that could expedite and increase the probability of success of development or commercialization; the anticipated overall relationship with the potential partner; our assessment of the risk/reward profile of further development by us; and available financial terms at each point in time."

SOURCE Compugen