Expert shares information on detoxification to promote better health

October 13, 2017

This limitation inspired Dr. Eliaz to find a way to block the re-absorption of heavy metals in the intestines so they could actually be fully excreted from the body. His research led him directly to alginates, which are naturally derived from the seaweed kelp, and similarly to MCP, efficiently trap and excrete heavy metals. These supplements are designed to cleanse the body and protect the immune system from developing harmful viruses and bacteria.

Gentle yet powerful techniques to prevent the dreaded "healing crisis"

Safe and effective removal of heavy metals and toxins is an evolving field of medical practice, and with the highly sophisticated and strategic therapies now available, it is possible for everyone, including cancer and chronically ill patients, to detox with little or no side effects.

Dr. Eliaz extends his research and methodology to successfully help many of his own patients cleanse and detoxify without the risks associated with what is popularly known as a "healing crisis." "The goal is to design a detoxification program that will enhance the body's vitality, not deplete it," said Dr. Eliaz.

Source: Better Health Publishing