Link between low testosterone and heart disease deaths: Study

September 28, 2017

He had requested for funds for the proposed male HRT (hormone replacement therapy) from the Medical Research Council that has been rejected. He informed that pharmaceutical companies were also not willing to fund for the study since female HRT has been linked to cancer.

According to Ellen Mason, Senior Cardiac Nurse at the British Heart Foundation, replacing testosterone could reduce the furring of arteries. But she added a warning saying, ???Although this research highlights a significant link between heart disease and testosterone deficiency, it is not clear if low testosterone is behind poorer survival in men with low levels of the hormone.???

In an accompanying editorial Dr Ronald Ma and Dr Peter Tong, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong have written, ???There has been a marked increase in prescription of testosterone over recent years. While the long-term cardiovascular impact of testosterone supplements in those with low levels remains to be demonstrated, accumulating evidence suggests there is a sound basis for examining this.???