Profil Institute expands capabilities to detect cardiac safety signals in diabetes and obesity clinical trials

April 21, 2017

As the momentum in performing Thorough QT interval studies has increased, clinical trial companies are racing to adopt the technologies suitable to evaluate cardiac safety. Profil Institute's core expertise in Phase I and II clinical trials and its additional cardiometabolic capabilities enable a timely assessment of cardiovascular side effects within its diabetes and obesity drug studies, as well as the ability to recruit diabetic patients with cardiovascular disease and related metabolic disorders (dyslipidemias).

"When testing a new drug compound, you want a clinical research institute that can assess all possible adverse side-effects early, before the drug enters costly later phase clinical trials," said Dr. Marcus Hompesch, Profil Institute CEO.  "In that respect, early phase clinical trials are certainly the most critical when determining whether or not a new drug will make it to market."

To date, the Profil Institute has been involved with almost every clinically promising drug category and device development in diabetes and in more than 140 clinical studies since the company's inception in 2004. Contributing to Profil Institute's success is that the company is recognized as the leader in automated glucose clamps, considered the "Gold Standard" for the evaluation of anti-diabetic drugs and devices.

SOURCE Profil Institute for Clinical Research, Inc.