Vanguard signs definitive agreement to acquire Arizona Heart Institute

March 23, 2017

"Arizona Heart Institute's experience, unparalleled track record for outstanding patient care, and global leadership in cardiovascular research and education are differentiators that attract Abrazo to their organization," said Ausman. "Uniting our programs will ultimately increase patient satisfaction by reducing costs, enhancing communication, increasing critical health information sharing and offering a wider variety of clinical care."

Arizona Heart Institute was founded nearly 40 years ago by world-renowned cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Edward B. Diethrich. Since its inception, Arizona Heart Institute has grown to become a model cardiovascular physician practice specializing in the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. Under Dr. Diethrich's leadership, Arizona Heart Institute has redefined several aspects of cardiovascular medicine with achievements such as the nation's first out-patient cardiac catheterization laboratory, first heart and lung transplantation in Arizona, and the development of minimally invasive surgery for aortic aneurysms.

"The decision to transition from an independent organization was a difficult one but well justified. For many years, our financial margins were sufficient enough to provide patient care at the highest quality with the most advanced technology while also supporting clinical research and education. But in today's economic climate and declining reimbursement rates, the excessive costs to support these activities have become difficult to sustain," said Diethrich. "Substantial investments in the Arizona Heart Institute Translational Research Center, the purchase of state-of-the-art imaging equipment, and implementation of electronic medical records were initiated shortly before the unanticipated recession and have significantly contributed to our need to reorganize and proceed into the future. With Vanguard and Abrazo Health Care, our organization will have a fresh start with opportunities to expand our programs and patient base in the Phoenix Valley with our new partners," continued Diethrich.

SOURCE Vanguard Health Systems and Arizona Heart Institute